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The Eagle/Eagle of the Ninth Reverse Bang

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The Eagle Reverse Bang is a reverse of the usual Big Bang challenge. Each artist wishing to participate creates a piece of art that will be posted anonymously to be claimed by an author.

Authors are then expected to write a story (minimum of 3,000 words) inspired by the art they have chosen. Art and fic will start to be posted from the 15th October, to celebrate the Ides of October!

On the Ides of October, Romans celebrated an unusual religious festival of unknown name. It involved a chariot race through the Campus Martius, a public sacrifice of the winning chariot's lead horse (commonly known as the October Horse), and a battle-royale between gangs from the upscale Sacra Via neighborhood and the gritty Subura, both fighting to claim the decapitated head. Scholars of the Roman Republic do not even pretend to understand the meaning behind it.

Rest assured! No horses have been harmed in the making of this Reverse Big Bang. (The festival just happened to coincide with the posting schedule, so we ran with it.) But like any self-respecting religious ceremony in the classical world, it probably involved the principle of do ut des: “I am giving this so that you will give me that.” It is in this less-bloodthirsty but still utterly Roman spirit, do ut des, that we present the Eagle Reverse Bang.

Sunday, June 3rd: Artist and Author sign-ups open
Sunday, July 22nd: Artist sign-ups close

Sunday, July 29th: Artists’ drafts are due
Saturday, August 4th: Art Claims
Thursday, August 9th: The Big Reveal of Artist/Author Matchups

Sunday, September 23rd: Author/Artist check in
Sunday, October 7th: Story drafts due
Monday, October 15th: Posting begins

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Your mods are motetus and awarrington.

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